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Office Software for the Business School Grad

15 FEB 2013
Career Path : Accounting

No modern office would be complete without office programs. While there are major brands, there are also open source options, and they all share common features. With these programs it becomes possible to do anything from making interactive presentations to file reports.

Multimedia Slide Show Programs

The initial development of these programs was for the purpose of graphically interesting presentations, but the templates lend themselves to other uses, including sharing reports in simple, easy to read formats. Though there are a host of special effects and animations, brevity and simplicity is your friend. The first time you encounter these may be creating reports for your business school classes.

Text Editors

A good text editor program lets the user spell check their work, as well as do simple typesetting. It also prepares documents for printing, and may even allow the creation of brochures and business cards. However, very long documents or advanced typesetting is better done on more specialized software. These days they have completely replaced the typewriter, and remain some of the most popular computer software, such that even a new computer without a full text editor will usually come with a few light versions without the spell checker or formatting.

Web Browsers

There are dozens of browsers, but most are available free to any users and share a lot of common features. Even if a computer is locked to internal network access only, they may even be used to view documents and access email instead of an external client program. In this case the latter will involve an in browser service with externally stored email, while the former may require additional plugins. A plugin is a piece of software that changes the functionality of the browser to add or limit features.

Email Clients

Used for both external and internal messaging, email clients keep an archive of messages, but many also have a built in calendar (with alarms!) and a to-do list for scheduling tasks and meetings. These are so important to business and so commonly used, that trouble shooting the common errors, such as lost passwords and mail forwarding, is part of the curriculum in an IT school training people to become IT technicians.


Spreadsheet programs are a common feature in business. Using a grid, it becomes possible to sort, process and graphically display data. The simple features on a spreadsheet take only a push of a button, while others take small amounts of code. For example, summing or alphabetizing data is usually available in a software program’s toolbar, but character or word count takes typed commands. You’ll commonly encounter these programs for databases and budgets, and it would be improbable to get through accounting training without handling them.

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