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Accounting Training for IT Professionals

25 NOV 2013
Career Path : Accounting

Even though you have decided that you’re interested in becoming a professional IT person, you shouldn’t assume that you don’t have to worry about taking any type of accounting classes. In fact, there are several compelling reasons why you should make sure you have a strong understanding of how accounting works before you complete your formal training and start to look for a job.

Employers Will Find your Resume More Appealing

Even though you’re interviewing for an IT job, the interviewer will notice that you’ve included some accounting classes in your education and will be impressed. This background means that you have the potential to be a more valuable employee than all of the rest of the applicants. Lots of companies aren’t all that large and need to have employees who can fill several different niches. Even if the company never needs you to help out with their bookkeeping, the fact that you understand accounting means that they won’t have to waste time teaching you how to handle expense reports and how to balance a budget.

It Improves Your Chances of Advancing

No one wants to keep their entry level job forever. The idea is that after you have learned the basics you will get promoted and move up the corporate ladder. In most cases, getting promoted means you’ll be taking on managerial duties. The higher up the management ladder you advance, the greater the odds will be that you’re going to have to do some accounting work, or at the very least, double check the work of the company accountants and make sure they’ve handled your department’s expenses correctly.

If nothing else, your accounting training makes it possible for you to quickly read and understand financial statements. Best of all, you’ll be able to use the financial statements to determine what steps you need to take to help improve your departments efficiency while also keeping operating costs as low as possible.

You’ll Be Ready to Do Some Freelancing Work

A large number of people who go into the IT field eventually find themselves doing freelancing work outside of the traditional office and end up taking on freelancing projects. The additional income comes in handy, but also needs to be reported to the government. The accounting training you got while in school means you’ll have no trouble maintaining your books, billing your freelance clients, and making sure you’ve filed your taxes properly and that everything will hold up if you’re ever audited.

Just because you want to add some accounting classes to your education it doesn’t mean that you have to enroll in two different schools, one that provides IT training and one that specializes in business classes. Good schools that have top IT training programs will also provide accounting classes which you can take as electives.

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