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An Accounting Diploma is a Cross-Disciplinary Asset

13 NOV 2012
Career Path : Accounting

Accountants understand three things incredibly well: taxes, money and profit. Incidentally, these are the three most keys elements to any successful business. Accountants know this, and this is why, quite often, they can work in almost any industry, at any level. They hold the keys to the financial kingdom, due to their ability to safeguard the assets and numbers of any business or individuals.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting is the only job that has experienced a rise in the growth among all occupations since 2008, surpassing other employments by approximately 22%. The BLS has also estimated that the employment levels in accounting will only continue to grow. That’s great news for a job that has a starting salary of almost 59,000 going into an economic recession.


The right training can help prepare potential applicants for these jobs. While accounting is a great career, it requires extensive training, both in theory and in practice. Professional accountants must also stay up to date on the current tax regulations and laws to ensure their efficiency. Also, be aware that following accounting training, all accountants must obtain their Certified Public Accountant certificate (CPA). A CPA is what is used to verify the credibility of a trained accountant, whether they are employed, or independent. With a CPA, accountants can work for public, government or private accounting firms. They aren’t limited to office jobs, either. They can work in auditing jobs (a particular field that can lead to traveling all around the world in changing environments), in financial or marketing-based positions, or independently. Imagine any field, from film production to education. They all need accountants, or at least someone with financial expertise.


With all of these facts in mind, now consider the overall value of an accountant. Or rather, weigh the value of an individual with a background in accounting, working in any job? Accounting training exponentially increases the value of an employee, regardless of the field that they choose to work in. Every job benefits from someone who is financially skilled, and it definitely places financially capable applicants in a very favorable light.


If you are considering an employment change, or just beginning your career, then consider accountant training. If you simply want to increase your employment value, an accounting certificate can take you a long way. Today, it is very important to ensure that you have the assets to make you stand out in a room of applicants (or fellow employees). Don’t choose a field of study that can only take you to a certain level; choose a career that will benefit you and your family in the long run. If you’re uncertain, simply try taking one accounting course to see if a financial career is in your future.


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