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Accounting and Bookkeeping for the Tourism Industry

21 NOV 2013
Career Path : Accounting

Just as the history of the tourism and hotel industry has grown and evolved into the mega economic force it is today, so has the bookkeeping necessary grown into a mega accounting career that the tourism business could not live without. Most universities and trade schools offer curriculum teaching accounting basics that play a crucial role in supporting hospitality and tourism based companies.

Everything in the business world is about the bottom line, and the accounting department of an organization is the keeper of that bottom line’s flame. Opportunities working in the accounting services of major tourism theme parks and related companies may include professional and managerial roles in Financial Analysis, Planning Operations, Auditing, Tax preparation and Contract Reporting. To advance into tourism management training for upper corporate managerial level you would require knowledge in of these areas:

  • Cash-flow
  • Operation & Cost Budget
  • Pensions
  • Foreign Currency
  • Accounting System Integrity
  • Accounting & Reporting Standards

Accountants can be auditors, finance directors, or tax accountants, and usually work under a manager. Some resort groups have teams of accountant/ financial staff overseeing the financial operations. You may eventually climb to managing the assets of the company, and even helping shape the direction of the industry. As the person who holds the purse strings, growth will develop heavily on your input.

If you want to break into the accounting and finance side of things at a resort, but you do not have the relevant qualifications and experience, you can start out as a night auditor and begin working your way up. You’ll have night auditor graveyard shifts and prepare daily debit and credit ledgers. You can work your way up while you acquire educational certification required for the job you hunger for.

Basic accounting training is still the obvious first step, even starting with career college based diplomas. Pursuing the necessary education shows resolve and ambition which, coupled with on the job experience, can get you through doors you normally would not.

However, you need not aim for the top executive office to have a very lucrative and interesting accounting career within tourism corporations. The career incentives of all bookkeeping and accounting positions within  tourism and especially the major theme park resort industry are immense.  You have a career length opportunity for travel to exotic locations and if desired, working and living abroad.  The world of tourism, theme parks and resorts is always growing and consequently your work environment’s aspects grow with it. Your accounting training may even translate into further tourism management training, lifting you from keeping the books to managing resorts.

Avail yourself of basic certification, familiarize yourself with quality bookkeeping and accounting software, and climb aboard the hospitality and tourism career train!

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