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After Accountant Courses – Secrets of the Office Candy Bowl and More

24 JUL 2012
Career Path : Accounting

In your accountant courses, you are learning important financial skills. But once you do land yourself that life-changing first “real” job in an office environment, you will find that your accounting diploma is not the only resource that you will draw upon. As a new member of an accounting team, you will have also make use of your social skills to establish good relationships with all of your colleagues.


While you were in accountant courses, it was probably fairly easy to make friends. School is an informal situation where friendships form naturally, and where it is not necessarily as important to maintain good working relationships with all your fellow students. If, for example, you do not get along with a fellow student in your bookkeeping courses, you can simply avoid them. This is not the case in the working place. Once you have your accounting diploma, you will need to be able to get along with all of your colleagues.


You can start thinking about how you will establish good relations in your office job while you are still pursuing your accounting diploma.


Some graduates of accountant courses use the following techniques to establish themselves in their office communities:


-       the office candy bowl – This writer once worked in an office where the graduates of bookkeeping courses kept a candy dispenser on their desk. Everyone liked to pass by and treat themselves to a few candies, and a little conversation. The funny thing about the candy dispenser, though, was that when it emptied, it made an embarrassingly loud ringing sound that immediately and irrevocably called the entire office’s attention to the fact that the passer-by had taken the last candy. Everyone would enjoy a goodhearted laugh when that bell went off. With this simple candy dispenser, the accounting department contributed to the community spirit of the organization, and strengthened their rapport with their colleagues in other departments.

-       the inspirational payday quote – This writer also worked in an organization where the graduates of accountant courses responsible for payroll always sent out an inspirational quote with each electronic paystub. Employees were always very excited to read the quotes, and this ensured that messages from the accounting department were always closely read.

-       drawing attention to special days – Another idea for anyone with an accounting diploma is to make a habit of pointing out special days – the more obscure the better – to fellow team members, via their chat status

-       participating in the office social club – New hires straight from their accounting diploma program can benefit by joining office-wide social activities to meet informally with colleagues from other departments.


These are just some ideas. You will have to choose the techniques that suit your personality to build a feeling of goodwill with your new colleagues after completing accountant courses.




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