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Academics Share What They Wish They Had Learned in College

25 SEP 2014

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College can be a stressful time of indecision, trying to map out your future and what courses you will need and what skills must be obtained for your future career. The Atlantic has shared a video where they asked top U.S. academics, including the President of Harvard, what they wish they had learned while in college or university. Their answers are actually quite reassuring.

Elisa New, a professor at Harvard, says she wishes she would have “learned to look at this moment, rather than at five months ahead”.

President of Harvard Drew Faust says she wishes her education had been more global. According to her, history classes in her time were mostly based around American and European history.

Other professors and academics cited “not focusing enough on math” as a minor regret, although this did not impede on their career paths.

So, we can see that the challenges faced by those decades before us, are not actually so different from challenges today. One of the biggest struggles for people in school is still math, and everyone in university dreads the mandatory stats class (but being mandatory means at least you won’t leave university not knowing it!). Most universities now offer history courses on pretty much any country you can think of, and global education is becoming more and more synonymous with our everyday education. Studying abroad, language courses and the globalization of education makes this possible.