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The Essential Hospitality Business Management Advice

17 MAY 2013
Career Path : Hospitality


While most people think of the hospitality industry as merely hotel management, the variety of institutions also includes any place where guests or visitors are made comfortable away from their homes, including places like camping grounds. While the implications of that may seem daunting, the same advice may be applied for successful hospitality management in any such institution.
When it comes to building a successful business venture in the industry, there are three main ingredients to keep guests happy. You can base your entire marketing campaign around these three strategies to draw people in, and as long as you follow through, you’ll have great success.



When people make use of hotels, resorts, camping grounds, and other similar facilities, they are trusting in the location to assure that they are not terribly missing the comforts of home. Providing guests with the essentials, such as water hook-ups at camp grounds, hygiene supplies at hotels, and other ‘creature comforts’ is a big part of assuring your guests are happy with their choice of venues. Sometimes, it’s the extras that go above and beyond the basic needs to add to comfort that make the difference, such as high thread count sheets or access to a hot shower facility at campgrounds.



Make sure your guests are never bored. Depending on the lodging, there are a number of things that are almost expected in terms of entertainment that can make a big difference in hospitality business management. For example, at a resort, entertaining shows and access to a spa or massage facility can add to the luxury and entertainment provided to guests. At a camping ground, being near a lake with fishing opportunities, having barbecue facilities, and other outdoor activities make all the difference to many guests. In a standard hotel, location can be a big part of it, assuring guests are located in the midst of restaurants and other entertainment venues.



Especially in resort management, convenience is required. Your concierge should be available at beck and call to assure your guests’ every need is met. However, this carries over to all areas of hospitality business management. Hotels often provide room service and have an onsite restaurant, as well as services to call for transportation and, as mentioned above, locations that make other entertainment and interests easily accessible. Even campgrounds can offer convenience, with a ‘guest services’ center that offers things like towels, vending machines, and access to essentials that campers may have forgotten at home.


Overall, a successful venture into hospitality business management simply means that you consider the things you would desire in a ‘home away from home’ and cater to those needs so that your guests are pleased with their stays. You’ll find loyalty and advertisement by word of mouth come standard when you provide these necessities for your guests.

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