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Payroll Careers in Toronto

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Accounting

Toronto has a particular need for people with payroll training. In the greater Toronto area, most of the adults in the 2.6 million strong population are working, and as a result they are drawing a salary. That means that the city needs a dedicated work force with payroll training, typically gained through accounting courses in Toronto or the original home city of the payroll worker.


Because of employment prospects, people have thronged to the city. It’s had a 6% population increase since 2006, not just from outlying regions in Ontario and other province, but helped along by being one of the leading destinations for immigrants, housing 30% of the recent immigrants and 20% of the total immigrants to Canada. And current statistics suggest that if one in five Canadians are foreign born and generally the introduction of each fresh citizen creates about six new jobs, prospects remain great for Toronto.


There are many industries that employ people in Toronto. First of all, a city of that scale needs a huge amount of infrastructure and a large number of managing offices. In the greater Toronto area, there is a full public transit system, the Toronto zoo, extensive parks, miles and miles of roads and sidewalks, libraries and schools and so on. Toronto employs an army of city workers to maintain and oversee all these services, and also, in keeping with the climate, for about half the year there’s a need to keep snow removal staff on call to keep the streets passable.


That’s not even getting into all the shopping, both for necessities and fun, the thriving arts scene and the fact that Toronto is home to the national head offices of many international and Canada wide head offices. All these need to be serviced by an accounting infrastructure. At the lowest level in the finance departments of private and public companies alike, payroll skills are part of an office administration diploma. These are taught through career colleges and vocational programs, often with funding at the provincial and federal level to help students realize their dreams.


Payroll workers have specialized training in labour regulation. Especially among municipal workers, they also must understand the role of unions and the regulations involved with that sort of worker collective. To advance in payroll, people look for additional accounting courses in Toronto to rise in the ranks with their employer. This is often balanced with working full time and studying part time. Thankfully the busy life in Toronto makes it easier to save time, with a wide range of efficient services.


Sometimes, however, payroll is outsourced to a payroll managing company. Large companies with their own internal support staff generally don’t to this, but leaner companies with less infrastructure will look outside for cost cutting measures. These are another good option for people who want to work in payroll. Overall the prognosis is excellent for Toronto.



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