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6 Tips for Harried Parents Back at School for Accounting Training

13 FEB 2012
Career Path : Accounting

For mature students pursuing accounting training, it can be a challenge to balance work, school and family life. From the moment you wake up in the morning, it is go, go, go. From the daycare drop-off to the punch-card clock… From your night class to a stolen conversation with your spouse before bedtime… The pace can be frantic, but there are some ways to make your accounting training easier for all.

  1. Cut your commute.

If possible, choose one of the business schools that is near your home or work.

It will:

  • spare you wasted time in transit
  • save you money on gas
  • help you arrive at your accounting training more refreshed
  • give you more time with loved ones
  1. Enlist all the support you can.

Is your spouse behind your accounting training 100%? What about the members of your extended family? Do your children understand why mommies and daddies attend business schools?

Mature students at business schools must learn a whole new vocabulary, beginning with the most important word of all: Delegate!

Even young children of mature students at business schools can help by:

  • setting the table for supper before you get home
  • feeding the cat or walking the dog
  • folding laundry
  • sweeping the floors
  • emptying their own lunch boxes after school
  • cleaning the bathroom sink every morning
  • making a special effort to be civil with their siblings

Have a particularly busy period coming up? Be sure to ask for extra help. Perhaps a grandparent can pick up the children from school a few afternoons a week.

  1. Find quiet time to study

Resist the urge to multitask. No, you can’t prepare for your accounting training exam with two children under the age of five in the same room. Develop a routine where you can study unfettered from the demands of family life.


  • on the bus or subway
  • after the children go to bed or before they wake up
  • while your family is out of the house
  • in the library at one of the nearby business colleges
  1. Trade childcare.

On the weekends, trade childcare with your friends and neighbours. Use the time to catch up on your homework.

  1. But make time for your spouse and children.

Take your kids to the local swimming pool on Sunday afternoons to thank them for helping out all week. Make your spouse a special dinner to let them know how much you appreciate their help as you pursue accounting training. In many cases, it is our partners who encourage us to check out business schools in the first place.

  1. Stay inspired: post a mission statement on your fridge.

At times, you will forget why it is that you ever embarked on accounting training. To get over these difficult humps, post a yes-statement on your refrigerator door, reminding you of why you first looked into business schools:

  • to increase your income to save money for a down payment on a house
  • to increase your job security
  • to make yourself more employable in the case of job loss

Being a mature student pursuing accounting training is hard. But it is worthwhile. When you graduate, treat yourself to a special reward: a weekend away or a meal with the whole family at your favourite restaurant. You will deserve it!