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6 Tips For Giving Guests The Best Travel and Tourism Experience

17 SEP 2013
Career Path : Tourism Management

Whether you are a graduate of Tourism Management School, or a self-styled travel and tourism entrepreneur, chances are you think often about how to give your guests the best experience possible. From simple gestures to exceptional amenities, there are many ways to leave your guests with positive memories, and plans to visit your facility again in the future. Here are six tips that you can use to give your guests a memorable, pleasant experience:

1)    Provide a Personalized Experience

  • No guest wants to feel like they are just another faceless source of income for a travel and tourism facility. Take the time and make the effort to learn the likes and dislikes of your guests, and use them to fashion a unique, personalized experience for each guest. It may take a little bit of extra time, but it’s a great way to cultivate repeat customers.

2)    Dream Decor

  • One of the many reasons people travel is to escape their everyday routine. By decorating your facility in a tasteful but interesting way, you give your guests an interesting, different place in which to stay. For big budgets, this can mean big design decisions, but even on a tight budget, a nice piece of artwork here and there can make a big difference.

3)    Quality Food

  • Vacations are a time to forget about dieting and enjoy rich, delicious foods. Make sure to provide your guests with quality food, whether it is simple or elegant. Even with a small menu, something as common as a cheeseburger can be made exceptional with quality ingredients and careful cooking.

4)    Draw on Your Surroundings

  • If someone has traveled all the way to your facility, chances are that they are interested in your area. Take advantage of this by offering fresh, locally produced foods and interesting local recipes. Feature artwork from local artists, and take your guests’ preferences into account when offering recommendations on which local attractions to see.

5)    Keep Up With The Times

  • The modern travel and tourism guest will expect to be able to use all of their technological toys at your facilities. Make it as easy as possible for them by providing free wifi, and plenty of power stations to charge their devices. Set up social media pages to better connect with your guests, and to personally optimize their experience.

6)    Service With a Smile

  • This may be a lesson straight out of Tourism Management School 101, but it’s still worth considering. A guest will expect to be treated with courtesy and kindness in all facets of their stay. The best part of this tip is that it works for facilities of any budget size. A smile doesn’t cost a thing, and it’s a great way to keep guests coming back.

These six tips, put together, will be a great boost to making your business a leader in travel and tourism. Keep these in mind and success will follow.

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