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6 Tips For Amazing Sales

25 OCT 2013
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Contrary to popular belief, products will not sell themselves. While all of a products features may be clear, only a sales professional can build value and effectively connect the consumers needs with the products benefits. As a sales professional, your job is to consult with the customer and provide a solution, which is your product or service. There are several sales strategy training courses that suggest the best practices to achieve this goal. However, the following six tips should be featured in any course and will help catapult you to the front of your sales team.

  1. Tell the Feature, but Sell the Benefit
    • A very common mistake among sales professionals is the failure to explain the benefits. Simply put, customers don’t buy features, they buy benefits. Instead of explaining the type of fabric on a jacket, the best option is to explain how warm the fabric will keep you in the winter, which is the benefit.
  2. Sell Yourself
    • While the product or service can be duplicated, you are the only portion of the sales process that is indigenous to your organization. You must sell yourself, your expertise, and the customer service you’ll provide after the sale. By doing so, you will create an unparalleled benefit for the customer purchasing the service or product directly from you. If you have any awards, special education, certification, or memberships, you should make sure you explain those to the customer without coming off as boastful.
  3. Listen Actively
    • Active listening is form of communication that requires you to summarize or repeat what you’ve heard from the customer. The purpose of active listening is to confirm the information and also to ensure the customer that you are listening to their concerns.
  4. Provide After Sale Service
    • Sales management should effectively communicate that the sale isn’t over once the paperwork has been signed. Considering the gargantuan cost associated with attracting new customers, it is of the utmost importance that the relationship is fostered and massaged to ensure customer retention. As a result, you will have repeat business from customers that you have already established rapport and trust. This is a key part of long term sales strategy training.
  5. Ask for Referrals
    • The best time to ask for referrals is at the completion of the sale. At this point, the customer is seemingly happy about the purchase and is most likely to be receptive to sharing the names and numbers of their friends or family members who may benefit from your service.
  6. Know Your Product
    • Having superior product knowledge is one way to build creditability with your customer. On the other hand, if you are unsure of the answer to your customer’s question, simply be honest. You should ask your sales management for the correct answer. In the end, the customer will appreciate your hard work and honesty much more than a false answer.

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