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6 Reasons to Invest in Sales Leadership Training

13 JUL 2012
Career Path : Business

We often hear of organizations investing in sales leadership training. Here are some reasons why.


  1. To improve sales


By some estimates, only 50 percent of sales people make quota. Are you satisfied with only half of your sales management team meeting your projected targets? Does it sometimes seem to you as though you should lower your targets rather than raise your expectations?


Caveat: When you do invest in sales leadership training, be sure to track your progress afterwards. You should see a quantifiable improvement in the performance of your sales team.


2. To stay on top of industry trends


Is your sales strategy still stuck in 1999? That may explain any poor performance by your sales team. Investing in training for your sales team is one way to ensure that your entire team stays on top of upcoming trends


– the much lauded Sales 3.0 (how will you gather and distribute information in the years to come?)

– the ongoing importance of Twitter

– dedicated sales solution tools versus generic tools

– will we still need sales teams in the near future?


3. To motivate your sales management team


Have you ever noticed that when we focus on a problem, solutions tend to present themselves? It takes focus to make progress. If your sales management team is struggling to make quota, a training session may be just the ticket to refocus their energies on the task at hand. Giving them a forum in which to think creatively about your sales strategy can inspire them anew.


4. To foster team spirit


When sales are less than stellar, a dark cloud can settle in over even the most driven of organizations. Some companies kick start their sales strategy by giving their sales management team a chance to bond outside of the office at sales leadership training. A short break from the daily grind can be very useful to change one’s perspective.


5. To reduce inefficiency


In the classroom setting of sales leadership training, your team can take the time to evaluate your organization’s performance – or lack thereof. Patterns may emerge, revealing improvements that your sales management team can make to its sales strategy.


6. To save money


The goal of your sales leadership training may be to increase your sales figure, but there is another way to pad your coffers, and that is to cut costs. A sales team can use training as an opportunity to discover and develop cost-saving measures that impact your bottom line.


In the end, there are as many different reasons to invest in sales leadership training as there are organizations, but the aforementioned five seem to be some of the most prevalent.


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