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6 Modern Hotel and Resort Trends

21 NOV 2013
Career Path : Hospitality

If you run a modern hotel or resort, then it’s important that you continuously try to improve the service and features for your guests as well as how you market your hotel or resort to them. In a time when customer reviews are easily accessible and can greatly influence the decision for other guests to visit your business, it’s incredibly important that you keep them happy. One way to do this is to make sure that you keep an eye on all the current hotel and resort trends. The following are six modern hotel and resort trends that you may want to use for your hotel or resort:

  1. The lobby as a social spot – Most visitors only use the lobby to meet up with friends or family before heading out of the hotel or resort. This is quickly changing, as many hotels and resorts are implementing features such as coffee bars, cocktail bars, free Wi-Fi service and more in order to make the lobby a more social spot to hang out in.
  1. Electronic check-ins – Checking in at the front desk can be a somewhat inconvenient time waster. Several hotels have begun implementing electronic check-ins for their guests. This is done by sending keycards to guests that sign up for the service on the day of their planned stay along with a text designating their room number.
  1. The use of content marketing – It’s becoming obvious that content marketing is more efficient and successful than traditional advertising methods. Engaging followers online by offering useful content (such as traveling tips and more) for free helps create loyalty, thereby increasing the chances of guests returning to your hotel or resort.
  1. The focus on property websites – Direct bookings online are often preferred by most customers. This means that your website is an incredible source for attracting guests. Making sure it’s user friendly is of utmost importance.
  1. Social media presence on mobile phones – Social media will soon merge with mobile use to the point where social media will basically be real time. Many hotel and resort managers are keeping their eyes out on ways to take advantage of this in order to continuously spread awareness of their property.
  1. Unrehearsed marketing videos – More and more people are viewing videos online in order to gauge their interest in certain hotels and resorts. More guests will choose a location based on a video than on photographs or descriptions. Make sure the videos actually provide useful information such as interviews, reviews, demos and more.

If you work in hospitality business management or resort management, then keeping up with trends such as these will help ensure the continuous success of your property.

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