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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time in Accountant Courses

24 JUL 2012
Career Path : Accounting

Building a satisfying career after your accountant courses isn’t just a matter of succeeding at pure academics. Even while you are still in school, there are some complementary skills that you should be developing that will serve you well as you launch your career.

Attend school-hosted networking events

Many schools that offer accountant courses organize ‘Meet the Firms’ events where students can mingle with representatives from accounting firms, i.e., potential employers. This is a great opportunity for students to:

– learn about their chosen industry

– secure a summer internship

– learn about job openings

– practice the networking skills that they will need to continue to hone after acquiring – their accounting diploma

– get a grasp for what constitutes professional attire in their industry

– make lists of potential employers

– start a list of professional contacts


Make a business card now

Students pursuing an accounting diploma should be paying as much attention to developing their networking skills as they do to the content in their textbooks for their bookkeeping courses and accounting courses. One aspect of networking is preparation. The next time that your school hosts a ‘Meet the Firms’ event, take the time in advance to equip yourself with a business card. They can easily be printed on your home printer. No need for anything fancy. Just write your:

– name

– contact information

accountant courses specialization, if any

– expected date of acquisition of accounting diploma

Taking a little time to prepare a business card will make you look much more professional at industry networking events. Think about it, what were you planning to do, scribble your name on a cocktail napkin for every recruiter you meet?

Take advantage of school visits to local firms

Schools often offer such perks as guided visits of local accounting firms to students enrolled in their accounting diploma programs. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your industry. It can give students in accounting courses a sense of what the corporate culture is like in local organizations. It can get them thinking about what kind of working life to aim for.


Get specific about your goals

The more you learn about the industry you aspire to, the more specific you can get about your goals for life after securing your accounting diploma. Are you taking bookkeeping courses so that you can go into business for yourself? Do you have your eye on the corporate world? Or would you like to work for the government?

If you are coming to the end of your accounting diploma, and you have not yet arrived at answers for these kinds of key questions, you may want to take matters into your own hands, by offering to organize more industry-related events for you and your fellow students in your accountant courses.

Use school activities to bolster your CV

Use the time outside of your accountant courses wisely. Joining the accounting club at your college or other student clubs can look good on your CV. It gives prospective employers a sense of how well rounded you are.

And, last but not least, about that CV

If there is an employment counseling service at the school where you take accountant courses, you should have an advisor look at your CV before you complete your accounting diploma. A little personalized advice can go a long way on the job market.

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