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5 Ways Hotel Management School Will Advance Your Hospitality Career

30 JAN 2012
Career Path : Hospitality

Motels, hotels, resorts. If these very words are exciting to you… If you love every aspect of the hotel business – from sales to housekeeping, from special events to the front desk, from ensuring that guests have Internet access to making sure that the bar is well stocked – then you may be a good candidate for hotel management college. A diploma from a hotel management school can help you break into the career of your dreams more quickly, by helping you:

  • practice your leadership skills
  • obtain industry certification
  • understand emerging trends
  • learn the secrets of running a successful business
  • develop industry connections at home and abroad
  1. Practice your leadership skills.

A hands-on practicum at hotel management school is a unique opportunity to practice your leadership skills in a safe environment. Hotel management college teachers are industry professionals who will invite you to reflect on the difference between merely managing or co-ordinating a team and leading the way to true success.

Discover the merits of:

  • inspiring versus organizing
  • motivating versus controlling
  • listening versus problem-solving
  1. Obtain industry certification.

The AHLA (American Hotel Lodging Association) offers internationally recognized certification in just about every aspect of hotel management, ranging from food safety to wine knowledge, including:

  • hotel administration
  • food and beverages
  • housekeeping
  • human resources
  • sales

AHLA (American Hotel Lodging Association) accreditation can be a good way of demonstrating your expertise to prospective employers. Choosing a hotel management college that offers AHLA (American Hotel Lodging Association) certification can give you a competitive edge on the job market.

  1. Understand emerging trends.

What will the guests of tomorrow look for in a hotel? Find out today. Opt for a hotel management school that offers training in up-and-coming trends such as environmentally responsible practices in the hospitality industry.

  1. Learn the secrets of running a successful business.

Hotel administration is about managing relationships with staff, guests and suppliers, but it is also about numbers. At hotel management school, you will learn:

  • how to keep costs down
  • accounting and marketing skills
  1. Develop industry connections at home and abroad.

Look for a hotel management school with strong connections to the industry.

  • Do hotels come to them when looking to fill positions?
  • Do their instructors maintain their ties with the industry?
  • Is there a job placement system that will help you find the job of your dreams upon graduation?

Because although hotel management college can be a fun experience in itself, the ultimate goal is a job that you love.