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5 Ways to Make Extra Money After Nursing School

5 OCT 2012
Career Path : Healthcare

Graduates of nursing in schools in Canada know that they are facing a bright future, with an in-demand job. What makes this future even brighter though, is the possibility of picking up extra work from time to time, to meet a financial goal.

1. Work in a rural or remote area.

Graduates of nursing schools in Canada have a special way to make extra money: The government offers extra benefits to nurses who chose to work in rural or remote areas, which are traditionally under-served by trained healthcare professionals.

The Canadian government offers the following incentives for graduates of nursing college who set up practice in rural or remote areas:

– a $4,500 recruitment allowance paid in two equal installments when the contract begins and one year into the contract

– graduates of nursing schools in Canada who take part-time or full-time work in remote First Nations communities may qualify for a retention allowance starting in their second year of employment

– graduates of nursing college who work full-time in certain remote communities can see up to three return trips per year reimbursed by Health Canada

These initiatives, which are meant to ensure equal access to health care for all Canadians, regardless of where we live, have an added benefit for graduates of nursing college, in that they can make it easier for graduates to meet their financial goals, whether it is to pay off their student loans, save for a maternity or paternity leave, or to buy a first home.

2. Take on extra shifts.

One advantage of shift work is that it often allows you the flexibility to play with your schedule. Hoping to make a lump sum payment on your mortgage this year? Got a child whose overbite demands braces? Nursing college graduates have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that in the event of a financial crisis, they can speak to their manager about picking up extra shifts.

3. Teach a class in your community.

As a graduate of nursing school, you have specialized knowledge. Perhaps you can take advantage of this knowledge by offering a class, for example, on preparing for childbirth or on supporting an ageing parent as they move into a nursing home. Boost your résumé and your bank account at the same time!

4. Sign up with a temp agency.

Can’t get any extra shifts at your existing organization? Some temp agencies are more than happy to have graduates of nursing school on their call list.

5. Be a baby nurse.

Some new parents aren’t content to have simply a nanny on staff for their childcare needs. Some prefer to have a registered nurse watch over their infants, especially at night, at least during the newborn stage. Graduates of nursing school can sell themselves as highly specialized newborn nighttime nannies.

Happy moonlighting!

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