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5 Unusual Automotive Careers

25 NOV 2013
Career Path : Automotive

While most people think of auto mechanic when they think of automotive careers, there are a lot of choices out there that are a little more unusual. Just because you want to work with cars doesn’t mean that you’ll be working as a general technician. Some people go into automotive painting or specialize in different areas of the car. Here are 5 automotive careers you may not have thought about:

Classic Car Restorer

If you’ve always loved classic cars, this might be your dream job. Restoring classic cars takes comprehensive knowledge of the make or model you specialize in, but the basic skills of an auto technician are a prerequisite. A classic car restorer’s job is to bring old vehicles back to their original condition, and usually they only work on their favorite kinds.

Automotive Journalist

While you might think a journalism degree is the most important part of being an automotive journalist, understanding how cars work is imperative. People who work as an automotive journalist get to review new cars, even before they come out. If your writing skills are up to snuff, you may find this an even more rewarding career than one going under the hood.

Green Conversion

With gas prices going up and people focusing on environmentalism, the demand for people who can convert gas guzzlers into electric cars is booming. In order to build environmentally sound cars or to convert traditional cars, it’s important to have a firm grasp on basic mechanics as well as understanding how hybrids and electric cars work.

Body Technician

There is a plethora of jobs that fall under the category of body technician, including repairing cars after wrecks, automotive painting, and custom work. Most opportunities are in estimating the damage done to a wrecked car and figuring out what needs to be replaced or repaired. But the title automotive painters who touch up a car’s paint, work on car murals, and do custom colors.

Auto Tuner

While many car tuners prefer to refer to themselves as modders, a tuner is someone who modifies the appearance or performance of a vehicle. This goes beyond simply adding a spoiler or changing the tires. Tuners with more know-how may modify the engine or the body of the car in order to make it faster. A good tuner can take a standard car and make the performance rival an on-market sports car. Tuning also can simply be aesthetic, whether it’s enhancing a car’s stereo system or replacing stock rims.

There are so many automotive careers that it’s hard to cover all of them. Chances are, if a job is related to cars in the slightest, you’ll need to take at least a couple of mechanics courses in order to qualify.

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