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5 Tips for Working in a Private Clinic

25 NOV 2013
Career Path : Healthcare

Working at a private medical clinic means generally means that you will enjoy an intimate work environment, close relationships with your coworkers, and a slower pace than you would experience if you worked in a hospital. There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re a valued member of the private clinics team.

Know Your Duties

Since you’re working in a private practice; it’s likely that there is not much staff. In order for everything to run smoothly everyone has to be very clear about what their individual responsibilities are. When you’re first hired to work in a private clinic, you need to take the initiative and ask your new employer to provide you with a precise list of everything you will be expected to do each day. Not only will being clear on your duties keep the clinic running smoothly, it also reduces friction between you and your coworkers.

Make Good Conflict Resolution Decisions

The upside to working in a private clinic is that you’re going to form close relationships with your co-workers. The down side is that a small staff can also mean that minor issues can quickly boil out of control. When you sense that tensions are mounting, you shouldn’t assume someone else will deal with the situation. Even though you might not be directly connected to the problem it’s in your best interest to put your conflict resolution skills to use and defuse the situation.

Always be Willing to Step in and Help Out

Take it upon yourself to learn a little bit about the type of work your co-workers do each day. Learning something about what they do makes it possible for you to step in and lend a hand if there’s a reason they can’t get things done. Not only does your ability to step in and help out mean that the practice continues to run smoothly and provide the best possible patient care, but it also increases the odds of you getting rewarded a promotion.

Be Willing to Continue your Education

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the private clinic in a set field, you need to accept the fact that learning will be a constant part of your job. Plan on attending various conferences and seminars where you will learn how the latest developments in technology and medical research will benefit the private clinic.

Hone Your Office Skills

Whether you’re employed as a medical office assistant or nurse, you need to have strong computer skills. Being able to quickly access patient files improves your ability to make sure patients get the best possible care. In addition to being able to use the computer it’s also important that you’re able to keep data organized. Taking a few classes at a business school will make your job at a private clinic easier. Make sure at least one or two of the classes you take includes record-keeping, bookkeeping, and basic computer skills.

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