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5 Tips for Computer Careers

10 JUL 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology


If you are interested in computers and love learning about the hardware, upgrading your own computer and doing just about anything you can with a computer, than a potential career with computers might just be the perfect job for you. Before you go out and just label yourself a computer expert though there are a few different tips you need to follow. These are going to make you easier to employ and even help you earn more money. This way, when you find a position that comes up and you’re interested in, all of your experienced and training should pay off and help you land the job.

1) Learn both Operating Systems

It is very important for you to know how to use the operating systems. While you might have a personal preference as to which is best, knowing how to work both is very important, because by only learning one, you are going to greatly limit your job potential.

2) Certification

While you might already know how to do something and have extensive experience in it, obtaining a certification in the position tells anyone else who is reading your resume that you know how to do it and are not just listing it as a career skill on your resume. IT training certifications are always going to look better to an employer than no certification at all. This is very important to remember, and although you might have to pay some money up front for the class or certification test it is well worth the money.

3) Take Computer Courses

There are always computer courses available for you to take, and some of these classes are going to help you greatly expand your knowledge base. Yes, not all of the classes are going to be very exciting, as you probably already know how to use word processors, spread sheets or other programs. However, learning how the inner workings of these different software titles work and how you can troubleshoot the system is going to come in handy.

4) Read

If you go to the computer section of your local book store you are going to find all sorts of different computer books on different kinds of software, hardware and just about anything else you could possibly think of. These different books are great tools to not only learn from, but to have on hand when you do land a job.

5) New Hardware

Stay up to date with the newest software and hardware from computer manufacturers and never let your IT training expire. If you know how to work the latest programs and features, as well as the difference between previous models and releases, you can work on just about any computer system, regardless of how old or new it might be.

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