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5 Steps to Help You Decide If Automotive Service Advisor Training Is Right for You

30 DEC 2012
Career Path : Automotive

If you enjoy working with people, and you love cars, then a career as an automotive service consultant or advisor might just be the thing for you. But how can you be sure? How can you better determine if you’ll be happy with that job? Here are five steps that will try and make answering that question a bit easier.

STEP 1 – Take stock of yourself.

Ask yourself some tough questions, and demand some equally honest answers. Do you see yourself working with the public? You may love cars – but there’s a difference between admiring the latest sports car, and taking a service consultant or advisor training and immersing yourself in the automotive industry on a daily basis.

STEP 2 – Spend some time with an experienced service advisor.

Take a few hours of your time and visit some car dealerships and garages, and ask to chat with a service consultant or advisor. Find out what typical day is like on the job. Determine the best things about being an automotive service advisor, and the worst things about it.

STEP 3 – Visit an automotive service advisor school open house.

Take a few minutes to search the net and find some automotive schools near you, and then visit them when they have open houses. When there, take a moment to talk to the teachers about the course topics, and the jobs available to graduates. Try and get a feel from teachers about what service advisor training is all about, and about the career prospects for the position.

STEP 4 – Give it a shot for a day.

You can read up on automotive service advisor training all day, but nothing is better than actually doing the job. Visit some local garages and offer to “shadow” a service consultant or advisor for a day. Help out if you can, and get to know what a day in the life of a service advisor is really like.

STEP 5 – Enroll in an automotive service advisor training program.

If you’ve made it to step 5, it means that there’s a pretty good chance that this career is right for you. The next thing to do, then, is to actually enroll in an automotive service consultant or advisor training program. By doing the courses day in and day out, and really immersing yourself in the discipline, you’ll truly know if the job is right for you.

So if you love cars and you’ve always thought about working with the public, consider enrolling in an automotive service advisor training program. It just may be the best career for you.

Contact the Automotive Training Centre for more information on their Service Advisor Training program.