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5 Office Work Ware Tips For a Professional Appearance

21 OCT 2013
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One of the most important factors of a successful job career, from the interview process to the day-to-day activities of your job, is your appearance. By maintaining a professional appearance, you’ll have a better chance at landing the job you want, keeping it and being promoted. A casual or disheveled appearance will make you look like you don’t care about the job, which can lead to a bad first impression on hiring managers. Not to mention that even if you do get the job, your chances of promotion decrease without a professional appearance. The following are five tips that you should be sure to follow in order to maintain a professional appearance at work:

  1. Accessories – There’s nothing wrong with wearing jewelry to a job interview or to work; however, there are some rules that you should follow. First of all, don’t wear anything tacky. Cheap jewelry looks cheap, whether it’s a wristwatch or a pair of earrings. You also don’t want to wear overly expensive accessories. Overly expensive jewelry draws unnecessary attention. So if you decide to wear any kind of accessories, you will have to find a balance between cheap and luxurious; it’s all about moderation. Make sure the accessories you wear compliment the rest of your appearance and don’t stand out as well.
  1. Clothing – The two-pieced matched suit is usually the best option – especially for job interviews. Women that decide to wear a skirt should make sure that it’s at knee length when standing. When going into a job interview or to your job, make sure the suit is clean and not wrinkled. A wrinkled suit looks just as bad as wearing sandals and shorts to work. Avoid wearing bold colors. The most professional color choices include navy, dark gray and blacks in solids or subtle weave patterns. Your attire should look clean, simple and elegant without attracting attention.
  1. Grooming – Men who choose to have facial hair need to make sure it’s well trimmed. You don’t want to look shaggy and unkempt when going to work. The same goes for hair styles for both men and women; they should be conservative and neat. Nails should also be neat and well groomed.
  1. Scent – Wearing a bit of cologne or perfume is okay, just make sure that it’s not overwhelming. You don’t want to distract your coworkers or upper management because your scent is too strong. Remember, even though you may like the scent, someone else may not.
  1. Details – The smaller details of your appearance make all the difference. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle free, your shoes are clean and that there are no tags or loose threads hanging from your clothing.

These are five tips for maintaining a professional appearance that you should follow whether you are working steadily, interviewing for a job or even in the midst of business training or accounting training.

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