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5 Hot Automotive Careers & Specializations

25 SEP 2013
Career Path : Automotive

The automotive industry has undergone several changes over the last 20 years. With the proliferation of the Internet, consumers have access to volumes of information through blogs, automotive review sites, and various other web sites. In addition, the Internet allows consumers to compare and initiate conversations with multiple dealerships from the comfort of their home. The technological changes and overflow of information have greatly altered the way dealerships conduct business. In response to this innovation, many dealerships have created new automotive careers, which are now in high demand. The following information highlights some of the hottest automotive careers in the industry that are booming with opportunity.

Internet Sales Manager

Since, consumers are no longer forced to come into the dealership to make a purchase; the Internet sales manager is responsible for communicating with consumers who choose to conduct business from their home. When a customer inquires about a vehicle through email, the Internet sales manager must quickly respond to a customer’s web inquiries, chat with customers on the dealership website, and ultimately close the sale or schedule an appointment. Internet sales managers must have sales experience coupled with a deep understanding or experience in Internet marketing.

Social Media Manager 

Today, every dealership must be involved in at least one of the big three social media networks: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. The social media manager’s ultimate goal is to increase readership, increase content sharing, and to increase the level of audience engagement. The social media manager may also be responsible for updating various automotive sites with the latest dealership inventory. The best social media managers follow strict guidelines about the timing and type of social media posts to attain the highest rate of engagement. In addition, the social media manager may work closely with the content developer in the creation of a content schedule.

Automotive Content Developer 

Simply put, dealerships must have authoritative information to attract the growing number of consumers searching the web. In response to this trend, dealerships are hiring professionals to exclusively create content for the dealership. The content developer’s primary role is to create content for the website, product descriptions, and update the dealership blog. In addition, content developers are responsible for creating sales letters, internal communications, and any other dealership communication. Most automotive content developers have extensive experience in copywriting, marketing, or in previous automotive careers.

Automotive Technician 

Dealerships are practically always searching for a qualified automotive technician. These professionals are responsible for servicing, repairing, and diagnosing the many issues that involve a vehicle. While some dealerships have certain requirements, technicians who have certification are proven to be marketable across manufacturers. In addition, a special niche is silently being carved out for technicians who have an understanding or interest in some of the more advanced communications technologies.

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