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5 Health & Wellness Job Opportunities After Receptionist Training

12 MAR 2012
Career Path : Healthcare

The other day, I had to take my ageing cat to the veterinarian for a much needed checkup. At the door, I was pleased to be ushered in by a friendly receptionist who used her soothing voice to quickly put my cat at ease. This experience reminded me that even in an era of automated telephone answering systems, there are certain industries which will always depend on graduates of receptionist training from business colleges.

Whereas graduates of receptionist training in the past may have anticipated working in office settings, today’s graduates may find more opportunities in the health and wellness sector.

1. Yoga Studios

Many of today’s yoga studios combine online booking with the warmth of a human receptionist who:

  • answers the phone
  • signs up new members
  • accepts payments
  • gives tours of the studio
  • rents out mats
  • sells yoga props
  • tidies studios after classes
  • refreshes flower arrangements

2. Body Work Clinics

Multidisciplinary health and wellness clinics are popping up in neighbourhoods across Canada, presenting an interesting job opportunity for students currently enrolled in business colleges.

One of the first goals of these clinics is to find a graduate of receptionist training who can help field questions from prospective customers.

Duties for graduates of receptionist training may also resemble those of medical receptionists, who may, for example, be asked to prepare treatment rooms for the next patient.

3. Orthodontist Clinics

Orthodontist clinics continue to hire graduates of receptionist training earned at business colleges.

A lot of orthodontists’ offices work hard to establish a personality or “flavour”. Graduates of receptionist training can be a major contributor to the personality of an office, by:

  • helping to organize promotional gifts (one orthodontist office I recently visited gives away personalized lip balm)
  • helping to organize charitable endeavours (the same office offers a reward system for conscientious adolescent patients that rewards good dental hygiene practices with a donation to a children’s hospital)

4. Dental Clinics

The reputation of a dental clinic depends almost as much on the rapport patients have with the receptionist as it does on the rapport patients have with the dentist. Graduates of receptionist training from business colleges can find employment in dental offices, where they will help with such tasks as:

  • scheduling appointments
  • answering the phone
  • processing insurance claims
  • placing orders with suppliers

5. Veterinary Clinics

The graduates of receptionist training at business colleges who work in veterinarian offices must have an extra talent: an affinity for animals.

Other tasks may include:

  • selling pet food
  • sweeping pet fur