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5 Fast Healthcare Careers

24 OCT 2013
Career Path : Dental Care

Healthcare is one of the best career fields for a number of reasons. A career in healthcare is rewarding both personally and financially, and almost invariably offers great job security. Contrary to popular belief, not every career in healthcare requires a huge amount of advanced education – although, most healthcare careers do require specialized training. These are some of the best healthcare careers that do not require doctorate training.

Dental Hygienist

Most people visit the dentist twice per year, and many go to the dentist’s office even more often. Most of these visits necessitate the services of a dental hygienist. Unlike the position of dentist, becoming a dental hygienist does not require a doctorate degree, in the case of a dental hygienist the usual requirement is an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. This position is also high-paying, with a median salary of $69,280 a year. This career also offers great room for advancement, with the pursuit of higher education degrees and even higher paying careers becoming increasingly common amongst experienced dental hygienists.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapists are always in high demand, but that position requires both a master’s degree as well as a license. However, the position of physical therapist assistant is also in high demand, and training is available through an associate’s degree. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for physical therapist assistant is rising more quickly than it is for other health care careers, including the demand for physical therapists. This is a rewarding career that involves playing a role in helping patients regain mobility.

Veterinary Technician

Animal lovers often seek a career in the veterinary field, and veterinary technicians are always in high demand. Becoming a veterinary technician involves a two year associate’s degree in the field, as well passing an exam. Veterinary technicians play a hugely crucial role in veterinary offices, including nursing and surgery assistance. In addition to an associate’s degree, a passion for helping animals is also a requirement to become a veterinary technician.

Medical Transcriptionist

The position of medical transcriptionist is not relegated to any specific medical field or category. Medical transcriptionists are needed in an extensive array of facilities, from hospitals to general practitioner’s offices to urgent care offices to a range of other facilities. The service that medical transcriptionists deliver is invaluable to keeping these facilities running and providing crucial medical care. Medical transcriptionist training involves leaning the range of terminology and methodology involved with the job. Although there are no official requirements for this position, good medical transcriptionist training is a common requirement for employers.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists perform their duties of dispensing medications and interacting with customers. Pharmacy technicians also assist in the administrative duties of a pharmacy. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a sharp increase in the demand for pharmacy technicians over the next decade. Although there are not always secondary education prerequisites to become a pharmacy technician, pharmacy technician training puts you in a prime position to be hired for the best pharmacy technician jobs.

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