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5 Engineering Specializations

22 NOV 2013
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Going through basic engineering training is only the beginning. There are things almost all engineers need to know, but the term is so broad that it means almost nothing when looking for a job. There are over 250 specializations, but here are 5 to consider:

Architectural Engineering

This is where online CAD courses are going to be the most handy. An architect’s job is the aesthetic design and placement of the building; the architectural engineer’s job is to make sure it stands up. Generally, this type of engineer works closely with the architect so that the plans consider issues like cost and safety. An architectural team usually includes engineers with other specializations, such as an electrical engineer to help design the building’s power, but it’s the architectural engineer who focuses on the structure.

Chemical Engineering

While it’s usually a chemist that performs the initial research on a developing substance, it’s a chemical engineer that makes it possible to produce. These engineers modify the original methods to make them more efficient, less costly, and ready for large-scale production. Many chemical engineers further specialize based on the type of substance or the industry they work in.

Computer Engineering

This is another broad specialization, as it covers all engineers who combine electrical engineering and computer science. They work with both hardware and software, developing and designing computer technology. Most computer engineers work in a specific field, such as networking, software development, or digital systems. Depending on the field he wishes to go into, they may not need as many core skills as other fields.

Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineers may work on cars, but that’s not their only option. This specialization covers all types of land vehicles, including construction equipment, mass transit vehicles, and military transport. Because of the complexity of the subject, automotive engineering requires training in multiple fields. Online CAD courses would be a good place to start, but an automotive team needs to cover the civil, industrial, and mechanical fields.

Agricultural Engineering

Usually, agricultural engineers focus on a single subject, as there are many opportunities for them. They all revolve around food production, but an agricultural engineer may be designing farm buildings, finding solutions to rural electricity problems, or go into food engineering. Farm-life is complex, and so are its issues, so an agricultural engineer may want to get a firm background in many types of engineering.

It would take an encyclopedia to go through all of the different specializations an engineer could choose. While being aware of the possibilities is a good place to start, an aspiring engineer might be best off taking some general engineering classes and using them to learn where their interests lie. Once they’ve come across a broader specialization, they can further focus their degree.

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