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5 Emerging Trends In Healthcare

10 MAR 2014

Some of the most interesting emerging trends in the healthcare industry include electronic health records, individualized medicine, telehealth, the medical home and integrative medicine. Electronic health records allow healthcare facilities to store a patient’s medical history, lab work and recent tests digitally, which makes sharing records among physicists easier. Individualized medicine refers to the way healthcare is becoming incredibly precise through advancements in science, technology and genetic mapping. This modifies the way medical decisions are made, as care can betailored to each patient’s specific needs and type of disease. The medical home is an approach to primary care in which a singlefacility takes the lead on coordinating all aspects of a patient’s care. Integrative medicine involves combining conventional Western medicine with alternative treatments. Telehealth refers to mobile, internet-friends technology that can be used to provide healthcare regardless of location. Check out this blog by the National Academy of Health and Business for more information.

“The concept of a ‘medical home’ doesn’t refer to a building, but rather a style of care. Because of time pressures, physicians often jump to conclusions instead of allowing the patient to contribute to the conversation. The medical home wants a doctor to have more extensive interactions with his or her patients. Nurses with medical office assistant training, or, in some cases, an early childhood assistant, are also more involved, participating in lab work or flu shots, among others. By establishing a closer link between patient and doctor, the medical home hopes to improve outcomes and achieve greater efficiency to satisfy informed patients.”