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5 Customer Relations Tips for Auto Sales Graduates

20 JAN 2014

The world of auto sales can seem really intimidating. You’re trying to negotiate with strangers to spend thousands of dollars on a product, and you really have to sell it. While it may seem horribly daunting, if you just stick with a few great tips and tricks, the world of auto sales after you graduate will be easier than you think, according to this great post by Automotive Training Centre.

“This may seem completely intuitive and extremely obvious, but it would blow your mind to know how often people get so caught up in what they’re trying to say or sell that they just stop listening. Really, truly listening to what the other party has to say means that you’ll be able to serve their needs as perfectly as possible. If you don’t listen to what they’re actually saying they want, how do you expect to make them happy? Punctuality is essential. Not even a cheerful attitude can get you out of the doghouse for a missed deadline. There is nothing more unprofessional than being late for a meeting, late for delivering a project or, well, late on anything. Punctuality is the mark of professionalism in auto careers.”

A career in auto sales is all about personal relationships, and it’s about forming that bond with someone, so that they know they can trust you. If you make the extra effort, and do all you can to help clients, then a successful career in auto sales post-graduation will be no problem at all.