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5 Careers After Event Planning Courses

30 APR 2012
Career Path : Business

You are very excited to be starting your event planning courses. But as time goes on, you will need to get more specific about your plans for the future. Here are some examples of careers to which your training may lead.

1. After event planning courses, you can become a…wedding planner

In your event planning courses, you will learn how to plan all kinds of events. But after graduation, you may choose to specialize in blushing brides- and grooms-to-be.

Graduates of event planning courses who are considering a career as a wedding planner should:

  • enjoy working irregular hours
  • be prepared to work very long days
  • have good people skills (assertive, but polite)
  • be adaptable (a lot of last minute issues can arise with weddings)
  • be good at managing your own time (and that of others)
  • have a calm, reassuring demeanour
  • have a good sense of fashion and style
  • be a skilled negotiator, able to get the best prices, for example, from service providers
  • love weddings

2. After event planning courses, you can become a… professional conference organizer (PCO).

Your event planning courses will also prepare you for a career as a PCO, which is a kind of consultant who helps clients – often from university or other professional-level organizations – plan conferences.

As taught in event planning courses, PCOs help clients with:

  • logistics
  • audiovisuals
  • entertainment
  • venue choice
  • organizing speakers
  • finding funding
  • setting up information booths
  • managing the budget

3. After event planning courses, you can become a… government event planner

Your event planning courses may prepare you for a job in the public service, planning events for government departments and agencies.

You may even be asked to apply the knowledge gleaned from your event planning courses to the creation of an official government event planning guide.

4. After event planning courses, you can become a… hotel event planner.

Perhaps a career in the travel and tourism industry is what you have in mind for after graduation from your event planning courses.

Hotels often make a lot of their business by attracting groups. They need graduates of event planning courses to help guests organize conferences, with all that that entails, including:

  • determining a budget
  • choosing venues
  • establishing a schedule
  • communicating with attendees and presenters

All skills that you will have learned in your event planning courses!

5. After event planning courses, you can become an… event delivery manager.

An event delivery manager is the first person on the scene the day of an event, overseeing the staff that is setting up the food tables and coffee machines. This is a management position, where event planning courses are sometimes a requirement.

Happy choosing!