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5 Apps To Supercharge Your Classroom Productivity

10 APR 2014

IMG_1005You want to improve your productivity, but where do you start? This list by Edudemic might be the starting point you’re looking for. Give Evernote, Week Plan, My Study Life and more ingenious apps a try and see if these solutions are good fit for your needs.


Evernote is an extremely versatile app that can be used in a number of ways. It is a cloud based notebook that works across platforms and can be used to organize the mass of information you need to keep track of. You can use it for lists, saving web files for later viewing, organizing research or managing projects.

The beauty of Evernote is not in the quality of each individual function. The beauty is in the fact that it has such a wide range of functions and can be used for just about anything. This way you can keep everything in one place.

Week Plan

Week Plan is an app based on the time management system outlined by Stephen Covey in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The theory is that you should plan your important tasks and to do lists on a week by week basis, rather than day by day. This way you can take a step back and ensure you make time for the really important stuff, without the day to day to do list swamping you.

The app gets you to set priorities for each of the different roles you have in life such as teacher, student, sportsperson, part time worker, family member etc. Once you determine the week’s priorities you can then allocate them to the days of the week.

If it sounds simple, it is. But it will revolutionize the way you manage your time.

My Study Life

My Study Life is an app that allows you to program in your class timetable. You can then assign any notifications or information specific to each class and use it to track tasks and deadlines. It will let you know what is coming up and when things are due.

It is intuitive and easy to use and an excellent way to separate your classroom planner from the rest of your life if that is what you prefer. It is great for both students and teachers, especially for those teachers who teach a wide variety of classes with different things due at different times.”

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