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5 Alternative Careers to Consider After Audio Engineering School

5 MAR 2012
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Not everyone who goes to sound engineer school does so with the intention of working in a plain old recording studio. Many have other ambitions altogether, some of which you may have never considered.

Forensic audio specialist

Audio engineering school as a pathway to a career in the courtroom? It’s true!

Many legal battles hinge on audio evidence. Who is better qualified to assess audio evidence than graduates of sound engineer school?

Forensic audio specialists provide expert evidence in court concerning such pieces of audio evidence as:

-       911 calls

-       cell phone messages

-       security camera footage

They use their knowledge gleaned in audio engineering school to determine whether recordings are authentic (an issue, for example, that was of supreme importance during the Watergate trials).

Sound technician on a cruise ship

Cruise ships need graduates of audio engineering schools for a variety of tasks:

-       graduates of sound engineer school can help create ambiance on deck by using cinematic audio effects

-       preparing audio mixes

-       maintaining the sound system at on-board dance clubs and cinemas

-       preparing recordings for the public address system

-       staffing on-board radio stations

Sound designer in the theatre

The theatre is not dead yet! In fact, it may be an increasingly viable option for graduates of audio engineering school. If anything, the demand for trained sound technicians is going up in the theatre world, where playwrights, directors and artistic managers have become more reliant on pre-recorded and live audio for special effects.

Some theatrical trends that call on the expertise of graduates of audio engineering school:

-       use of lip synching

-       use of head phones for the audience

-       use of the sound engineer school Foley technique to replicate the real-life sound, for example, of a skirt swishing against one’s legs

Sound archivist in a museum

Actually, there are sound archives in many types of organizations, including

-       museums

-       universities

-       radio stations

-       record companies

-       public libraries

Sound archivists

-       identify material

-       evaluate quality

-       make choices about what to keep

-       back up collections

-       file collections

-       facilitate access to collections

-       write information about collections 

Video game sound designer

Graduates of audio engineering school can engage in two loves at once – music and games – by composing and adding the music and other sounds that adds so much of the drama to today’s video games.

Graduates of audio engineering school can manage the sound at live events, create music for corporate events, design sound for TV and movies… but, clearly, they have many less traditional career paths to choose from as well.