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4 Ways To Make Your Website Beautiful

9 JUL 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Everyone and their dog these days seems to have a web page up. Some web sites are eye-catching with simple yet creative design and content and others are busy and unbalanced.

When seeking schools for the best web design courses, ask them about their graphic design courses. You don’t have to become fully certified in both, but to know a little bit about graphic design will take you far in your web design business.

Web design courses with a little graphic design knowledge thrown in will help you to develop a beautiful web page with these four important components:

1. Balance

Designing a web site is all about balance. Being careless about how the visuals and content is laid out will result in an off-balanced website. That’s not to say everything has to be symmetrical. But achieving asymmetrical balance is a delicate matter that only a trained eye can pull off successfully.

Most skilled web designers use the grid to help balance their design. Learning how to use grids can help you design the content into columns that make the content more readable. Most web designers use the grid to make things like sidebars and columns more eye catching and easier to follow.

2. Color

Web design and graphic design courses give you skills in utilizing color. Picking your colors without understanding the color palette will result in a web site that looks as if Rambo went in paint-guns ablazing. Choosing the right colors does have to do with common sense and having a certain intuitive eye, but only a skilled eye can work with contrasting color schemes and more than two base colors. Understanding how colors fit with the feel of a business is also a skill you learn in a web design course.

3. Graphics

Graphics can be a great addition to the visual message, but poor graphics can hurt a design. Even if you’re not a fantastic illustrator or photographer, you can still make your website look snappy with some great graphics. Graphic design courses will help you build your Photoshop skills as well as basic photography skills as well as develop your taste for different styles out there. Understanding how graphics go together and embody the style you are aiming for will take you a long way in your web design career.

4. Using White Space

White space is just as important as the information on your website. It’s like rests in music – or those beats of silence. You can’t have music without rests and you can have a web page without white space. It’s what is not there that matters just as much. White space gives text and graphics breathing room and helps certain elements stand out more with white space around them. Only a skilled web designer knows how to insert images and test with enough white space to make it stand out, and understanding how to format blocks of information on a page is part of introductory web design courses.

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