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4 Tips For Amazing Hotel Managers To Use The Web

22 JUL 2013
Career Path : Hospitality


Getting guests flowing through your doors, or coming back again and again means leveraging the modern tools you have, including the power of the internet. Here’s four tips that’s get you noticed:

1) Welcome Guests With Wifi

For any hotel and resort management staff it’s becoming increasingly obvious that almost all your guests are savvy internet users, bearing smartphones and laptops. And, increasingly these are loaded with social media they use to connect with friends in family. They will prefer hotels that let them get, and stay online affordably. This is particularly important for getting noticed of geolocation logging social media accounts, where open wifi lets guests log every journey milestone, incidentally seeding their social networks with free advertising about how cozy or fun your establishment is.

2) Make it Personal

Using the web correctly is more than having an informative website. Once guests can be confident that your page gives them accurate information like the appearance and address of your business, you can keep them coming back to your business’s resources with things like a blog. Let your business develop an online personality. Not only should guests know information about your hotel, including what amenities you have to offer and what all you can do for them, but also what is going on around town, potential attractions and the latest events in the city.

3) Networking

To become an amazing hotel manager and take resort management to the next level, it is important for you to network with other communities and even guests before they arrive. This is done through social media and other forms of networking. With your social networking accounts you can provide a good deal of information to visitors on a regular basis. This way, even when the guests are gone they are going to see your hotel name and be reminded of your excellent services. This way, when they return to the city they are more likely to visit your facility.

4) Promote Yourself

If a guest mentions you in a blog, or a website posts excellent information about your hotel and your resort management talents, it is important to show off this information. Word of mouth is very important, and the more positive the reviews the better off you are. Connect links to this information from the hotel website and social networking accounts in order to not only take advantage of the online services but also boost your searchability.

Hospitality business management, is above all things, a career for a people person, and today, nothing is more people oriented than the modern internet. But, if you don’t feel confident about this, relax. There’s lots of people with the skills to help you get started in promoting your hotel online. Or, alternatively you can easily learn more about the modern web online.

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