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4 Steps For Maximum Success When You Become A Mechanic

30 SEP 2013
Career Path : Apprenticeships

If you’re handy with a wrench and know your way around an automobile, you may have thought about a career as an auto mechanic before. But if you want to become an auto mechanic, where do you start? Four essential tips to becoming a mechanic have been detailed for your use.

1. Apply for a Job at an Auto Repair Shop

If you’re looking to get in at the ground floor, find a job at your local mechanic’s shop as a parts runner or mechanic’s helper. You won’t be working on automobiles all of the time, but you’ll gain incredibly valuable knowledge of how an automobile repair shop works. As you gain experience, you may earn yourself an opportunity to get your hands dirty with close supervision. Not to mention, once you become an auto mechanic, you’ll already have a relevant job reference if you apply to another shop, or even better, you could have a job offer waiting at your current employer!

2. Build up Your Supply of Tools

An auto mechanic is only as good as his tools. Automobile repair shops will have large and/or expensive equipment for their mechanics to use, but hand tools are usually left up to the individual auto mechanic to purchase. When you get a job at a shop, talk to the mechanics to find out what they’d recommend you purchase and which brand or brands they prefer. You might get a few different answers, so use your judgement and create your own best path from the knowledge you’ve gained.

3. Find the Right School

Usually, community colleges and technical schools offer mechanic certification programs, but there are also mechanic schools that specialize in mechanic education. Again, talk to the mechanics at your local shop. While the community college in your area may have a more affordable program, it might be more valuable in the long run to attend a specific mechanic school. These schools can help you network better or offer specialized advanced certification, which would help you earn a higher hourly rate. Even so, a certification from community college will give you all the required knowledge to be a successful mechanic.

4. Never Stop Learning

After you become a mechanic, continue pursuing knowledge. Even if you attended a technical school and completed a basic mechanic certification program, you can still obtain advanced certification from a specialized mechanic school. These advanced certifications will make you more marketable to future employers, or even current employers. If you are already employed at an automobile repair shop, look into whether your employer will pay for your advance certification, or at least part of it. Just because you have already become a mechanic does not mean you should stop trying to gain more knowledge.

These are the four best tips to become a mechanic. As you pursue your career as an auto mechanic, keep them in mind. You will be very thankful down the road when you do.


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