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4 Skills For Dispatchers

25 OCT 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Truck dispatching may not be the first career that springs to mind when you are thinking a career in the trucking industry, but it is an option more than worth your consideration. Dispatchers work in a high-paced, exciting environment, doing some of the most important work in the industry. In fact, in many ways dispatchers are what make the trucking industry trick. If you are thinking about different auto careers to pursue, take some time to look into dispatcher courses. The job certainly requires certain qualities if you wish to be successful, but you may find that it fits your personality and is just what you are looking for. Ahead are four of the most important skills for dispatchers to possess, if they wish to excel in their career.

  • Calm Under Pressure – Since you will be coordinating a wide variety of tasks related to the trucking industry, often for many different trucks in a short time-frame, the ability to stay calm under pressure will be a key to your success. As anyone who has driven on the highway can attest to, there are always large numbers of trucks traveling in all directions. The dispatcher is the person who coordinates all of those trucks and loads, keeps the process running smoothly, and ensures that each load reaches its destination on time. This also requires the ability to make quick decisions, another element which calm under pressure lends itself strongly to.
  • Ability to Multi-Task – Here is a sampling of the tasks that the dispatcher is responsible for on a daily basis: mapping routes, pairing drivers with trucks and trucks with loads in the most efficient way possible, keeping maintenance records and planning service, optimizing the use of fuel, acting as a buffer between customers and drivers, setting up inspections, and setting up special shipments. Clearly, the dispatcher has a lot on their plate, and will need the able to work on multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Sociability – Being a truck dispatcher is not simply about using technology or planning things out. You will also be dealing with many different people on a daily basis. Customers will have questions about time-lines and other matters, while drivers will need to know their plans, and will often have questions about routes and other matters. Dealing with all of these people with courtesy and friendliness will certainly set you up for success.
  • Technological Literacy – Fortunately for the modern dispatcher, there are a number of technological tools that help greatly with the job. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use those specific technologies yet – dispatcher courses will take care of that. All you need is relative comfort with technology in general and the ability to learn.

Dispatching is one of the most exciting, lucrative auto careers out there. If you don’t have every skill listed above, don’t be discouraged. Training will help instill you with the skills necessary for success in your new career.

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