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4 Important Skills For Office Assistants In All Industries

24 OCT 2013
Career Path : Administration

Believe it or not, office assistances have some of the most demanding jobs out there. They are expected to be able to handle a huge number of different tasks, and to do so at the same time, no less! If they do not do their job properly, then the company they are working for often suffers. What may seem like a ton of busy work is actually invaluable to keeping the business running as smoothly as possible. Because of this, office assistants are always in demand. If you are considering a job as an office assistant, then the following are four important skills that you must have:

  1. Organization Skills – The organizational ability of an office assistant is one of the most important skills to have. The assistant must be able to organize thousands of important documents, including both hard copies and computer files, so that they can be easily retrieved whenever they are needed. In fact, you will have to be able to coordinate the flow of documents and paperwork throughout the entire office as well as track both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Additionally, office assistants must be able to maintain the schedule of their boss at all times. One missed appointment can be absolutely disastrous for the company. The kicker? Many of these organizational tasks must be completed at the same time; meaning that as an office assistant, you must be able to multi-task successfully. Considering the workload, you’ll have to be an expert at time management as well.
  1. Social Skills – As an office assistant, you’ll be dealing with all types of people, from your boss to upper management to fellow employees to clients and customers. You’ll need to be able to communicate with each and every one of them, which means that you’ll need to have listening skills. The office assistant often acts as the go-between, which means clear communication is an absolute must. Not to mention that the odds are good that you’ll deal with an individual in a bad mood every once in a while, requiring that you have patience.
  1. Computer Skills – Expect to do the bulk of your work on the computer. Office assistants must be fluent in the use of databases, word processors, graphic presentation software and spreadsheets. There’s a good chance you’ll spend some time formatting reports, newsletters, manuals, presentations and more as well.
  1. Problem Solving Skills – These are an absolute must considering the fact that you will be dealing with many different people throughout the day. Not only will you have to solve problems on the fly with both office personal as well as clients and customers, you will also have to be able to switch around appointments whenever scheduling conflicts present themselves, something that can be quite tricky when the changes are needed immediately.

These are just four of the skills that an office assistant is required to have and that you will certainly learn at business admin courses or legal assistant schools.

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