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4 Great Reasons to Learn Another Language

4 JUN 2014

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“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

-Frank Smith

Why should I learn another language? Everyone speaks English, right? Well, not quite. The society we live in today is increasingly multicultural. In North America, for example, the influx of immigrants, tourists and travellers from all parts of the world creates a need for us to not only be able to communicate with different cultures, but also to be able to understand their point-of-view.

There are many reasons that can motivate someone to learn another language, including economic, personal and cultural. Here are some of our favourites.

Improving your employment potential

Thanks to the internet and other technological advancements, today’s marketplace is global. Companies do business around the world, with clients whose culture may be completely different from ours. Having a second language can be a powerful asset at your disposal and a great way to stand out in the eyes of an employer. You never know when knowing another language or being familiar with another culture will come in handy! Whether it’s to help someone by providing an impromptu translation of education news or by navigating a foreign school directory, you’ll be thankful you took the time to learn a second language when the time comes.

Travelling, studying or living abroad

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It’s not impossible to get by in another country using only your mother tongue. However, you might have a hard time connecting with locals, or experience only the surface of things. Speaking a second language makes it possible for you to work while travelling, which might allow you to prolong your stay. You’ll also be able to communicate with people around you more easily, which better promotes the exchange of ideas so you can learn to appreciate how they see and view the world. Travelling is often a transformative experience. It can broaden your horizons, give you more self-confidence and help you develop a stronger personality.

Sharpening your cognitive skills

Research from many educational articles has shown that, like musical education, learning a second language can be greatly beneficial to your intellectual development and improve your overall results at school. Think about what learning another language requires: reasoning, memory, flexibility and more. Simply put, learning another language is a great workout for your brain. This type of exercise might go on to impact different areas of your life, such as your ability to memorize information or use logic to solve math problems.

Appreciate international art 


Many literary and cinematic masterpieces have been produced in languages which aren’t English. By acquiring a second language, you also gain access to a different culture’s art. These movies, books, paintings, music and more have so much to teach us, and they can provide tremendous inspiration and fresh ideas that we canuse in our own projects and ventures. By reading or viewing a work in its mother tongue, you can fully appreciate its beauty, subtlety, word plays and richness, something a translation can’t communicate.

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