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4 Things that Make a Great Mechanic

17 SEP 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Some people are simply born with it, while others are capable of obtaining a more mechanical-minded skillset during their life. A mechanical aptitude is best characterized by having a desire to know how things work, to want to pull something apart, only to put it all back together again. Those who do not find such work enjoyable, will likely be unhappy with such a technical-oriented career.

1. Communication skills
While most of a mechanic’s time will be spent working on vehicles, it is essential for a great mechanic to have great communication skills. Mechanics must be able to communicate well with both the customer and other automotive employees, like the service writer, in order to best understand the problems their customer is having and avoid performing the wrong repair. Most business, automotive repair or not, lose most of their returning customers because of communication issues. Being a great mechanic requires taking the time to provide answers to your customer’s questions and explain, in non-technical terms, what their vehicles needs and how you are best able to make a car run more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

2. Quality training
Getting proper automotive technician training is more important than ever in today’s environment of evolving technologies. Standard two-year vocational and auto mechanic training programs cover everything from automotive repair to chemistry to electronics. With the increasingly sophisticated and complex technologies like alternative fuel engines and GPS systems, a great mechanic will be trained to troubleshoot and repair any vehicle; whether it’s a 1980s Ford Ranger or tomorrow’s electric hybrid.

3. Plenty of experience
In addition to auto mechanic training, great mechanics need experience; a lot of it. Such experience takes time. A lot of mechanical repairs are understood on a case-by-case basis and it may take years for a mechanic to develop a wealth of experience that will allow the great mechanic to resolve even the most complex of issues that are thrown his or her way. New students to automotive technician training should work as much as they can on new and differing projects in order to gain the experience necessary to be fluent with a range of automotive repairs.

4. Creativity
While it can be hard to be taught or learned, a creative mind is essential to any great mechanic. A creative mind is able to look at problems that seem to have no answer, and develop the perfect, unanticipated solution. When a part fails to act or react by its by-the-book standards, a great mechanic must use creativity in tandem with mechanical aptitude to step outside of the box in order to engineer a fix.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes years for a mechanic to become a great mechanic. But with the proper auto mechanic training, tons of experience, quality communication skills, a mechanical aptitude, and a creative mind, the change is guaranteed.

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