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4 Crucial Pieces of Info for Dispatcher Training

21 NOV 2013
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For many people, working in one of the wide variety of automotive careers available is a dream come true. The trucking industry offers many jobs beyond simply driving a truck and hauling loads, though for those who love the open road driving is an excellent choice. If you are weary of long hours on the road, however, you may think that there is not a career in the trucking industry for you. Don’t worry! The industry also requires many unseen but vital employees to keep the flow of commerce going. Truck dispatching is a great career choice that allows you to work close to home, while still offering the challenge and excitement found in the trucking industry.

Ahead, you will find four crucial pieces of information about dispatcher training, which will help you decide whether it’s the route for you, and help you complete training successfully.

Make Sure Dispatching is for You

Dispatching in the trucking industry is exciting work, but it’s also not for everyone. There are a few traits found in successful dispatchers, most of which relate to the high-pressure nature of the job. To be a successful dispatcher, you’ll want to have strong time-management and multi-tasking skills. Dispatching also requires strong interpersonal skills, which will be necessary when dealing with drivers, superiors, and customers. If you don’t have all of these traits, don’t worry. They can still be developed as you go through dispatcher training.

Learn the Job Description

As you go through training, you will learn exactly what being a dispatcher is all about. By knowing the job description inside and out, you will be better equipped to study weaker areas, and ask questions when in need of help. Some of the dispatcher’s responsibilities include mapping routes, planning for optimal fuel use, pairing drivers with trucks and trucks with loads, interacting with customers, finding help for drivers in the event of emergencies, planning inspections, keeping records, and much more. It may sound like a lot, but you will receive a solid education in all aspects of the job during training.

Know the Technology

Dispatching is one of those automotive careers which requires a strong knowledge of technology. You will need to be able to use GPS and mapping software to plan optimal routes, use in-house technology to pair loads with trucks for maximum efficiency, and use communication technology to interact with truckers and customers. You will learn about all of these things in training, but it helps to have a basic knowledge of technology going in.

Start Seeking Jobs Early

If you decide that dispatching is the career for you, start dipping your toes into the job market. Dispatchers are in demand, and by starting early you can help ensure that you’ll have a job when you finish dispatcher training. Some companies will even help pay for your training, as long as you agree to work for them when it’s completed.

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