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3 Ways an MBA Can Improve Your Career Outlook

9 JAN 2015
Career Path : Administration

MBA or Master of Business Administration on blue road sign

In today’s highly competitive employment market, professionals in every field are looking for a way to stand out in the crowd of applicants with resumes full of experience and marketable skill sets. If you have chosen a profession and you have already started your career, it is time to start planning for the future so that your career outlook is positive and shows signs of steady growth and advancement.

While there are several different ways that you can build a name for yourself, earning an MBA will give you a positive future outlook in terms of your quality of life and your career. Here are some ways an MBA can benefit you.

Advanced Studies Will Lead to Advancing Career Prospects

If you are happy with your current employer, earning an advanced business degree can help you propel your way through the ranks. By taking the time to voluntarily enroll in an MBA program and complete your advanced studies while you are still working, you can show just how dedicated you are. Advanced studies will also give you an in-depth knowledge of business with real-world applications destined to impress your colleagues and employer. Studies conducted by the Washington Post show that 43 per cent of MBA graduates received a promotion because of their degree and expanded skill set.

Build a Professional Network While You Study

In business, it is about who you know. The larger the network of professionals to dazzle with knowledge and insight, the better your career outlook will become. Now, with all of the advanced tools that make it possible to earn an online MBA while you enjoy in-class experiences, you can network and still study on your own time.

If your goal is to change careers once you possess an MBA degree, the transition will be much easier because of the professional relationships you’ve taken the time to cultivate. Additionally, the best online business degree programs expose students to new areas of study so they can expand their professional horizons (and employment options).

Increasing Your Earning Potential

You can enjoy what you do professionally, but if you feel that you’re not being compensated fairly, it can affect how motivated you are to perform. Studies conducted by several different agencies like the Journal of Education for Business have found that people with an MBA degree earn 50 to 60 per cent more than those with a Bachelor’s. The substantial increase in pay makes up for the cost of the degree program itself.

What do you consider the most significant advantages of earning an MBA?