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3 Top Career Opportunities for an Automotive Technician

17 FEB 2014
Career Path : Automotive

If you’re the kind of person that likes to get their hands dirty and take things apart just to see how they work, then maybe you should consider a career in the automotive sector. With the right training, you can open a door to a rich and rewarding world with many great, inspiring careers. From being at the forefront of new automotive technology and helping to test and develop great new inventions with the top auto manufacturers, to opening you own little mechanic shop, the entire gamut of auto careers is available to you with the right training. So to see what’s out there and test the waters to see if you might enjoy a career in the auto sector, check out this blog post from Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute. Not only does it provide great information on what kind of automotive technician training to pursue, but it also lists some great career options!

“Working in this type of position means inspecting, diagnosing, repairing, and servicing vehicles of all sizes. ASTs work with everything mechanical—the body, tires, parts, etc.—but also the software, electronics and onboard computers. Cars today do much more than carrying you from point A to point B, they have GPS, MP3 players, rearview cameras, and even parallel park themselves. All this technology makes technician jobs more complex than ever.

Here are some of the routine tasks ASTs perform:

  • Road testing vehicles
  • Using computers to test automotive systems and components and
  • Performing basic jobs like tune ups, oil changes and lubrications”