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3 Tips For Better Radio Communication In The Transport Industry

25 OCT 2013
Career Path : Automotive

There are three things that will improve the quality and efficiency of radio communications.

Take Advantage of New Technology

The radio communication technology that’s currently available to transportation industries is better than ever before. When a driver checks in, the report they make will be clearer and they will be able to check from increasingly remote rural locations. Some of the technology makes it possible for the auto mechanics at the home base to monitor the state of the vehicle and make sure everything’s working perfectly, and quickly alert the driver to the situation so that the problem can be dealt with before it worsens and becomes a safety hazard.

It’s in the best interest of any company that transports cargo to take full advantage of whatever communications technology they encounter. In the long run, this keeps drivers and vehicles safe, reduces misunderstandings, and will save the business a great deal of money. In addition to setting up drivers and support staff with the latest technology, transportation companies need to make sure they hire people who have experience working with dispatch protocols and knows how to use the radio communications equipment.

Transportation Companies Aren’t Interested in Hiring People who Need Dispatch Training

There was a time when you didn’t need to worry about learning much about radio communication if you were interested in pursuing employment in the auto careers industry. When you turned in your application at a transportation business. They were perfectly happy to provide you with any training you needed. Things have changed. When a company makes a decision to hire someone, either to work in their warehouses or as a driver, they’re only interested in hiring people who can start working right away. They have realized that the more time they spend training, the more money they lose.

Taking dispatcher courses from an auto mechanic school with a good reputation shows the company that you’re already familiar with radio etiquette, the equipment you will use, and how to handle emergency messages. You will have the best chance of getting hired when you take dispatcher courses from a school that makes it a point to teach students how to use the most up to date radio communication technology.

Learn Current Regulations

Everyone knows that radio communication is an important part of the transportation industry, but anyone interested in pursuing auto careers  needs to understand that transportation businesses are expected to adhere to current regulations. While these regulations can sometimes seem silly, it’s important to remember that these regulations were created because someone believed they would improve safety. Knowing current regulations and making sure they are being adhered to means the transportation company will avoid getting saddled with what could be a substantial fine.

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