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3 Tips For Planning Perfect Fundraising Parties

28 OCT 2013
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Planning a fundraiser is a fun and rewarding experience, but it takes hard work and dedication to make a big party perfect. One you put the planning in motion, your plans will go smoothly and your party will be a success. Here are three tips to planning a perfect fundraising party.

Choose your mission – This may sound like an easy party, but choosing your mission takes a lot of thought. If you like to support children’s charities with a specific non-profit, it has to be narrowed down for your guests to understand why you are throwing the party. For example, if you are raising money for a children’s charity choose what area the money will go to. For example, surgeries for orphan children, school building funds, or food and clothing for children abroad. This will help you develop your guest list and invite the right people who will support your mission. A supporter passionate about your mission will show up to your event, or at least mail you a check.

Choose a Target Amount – In addition to choosing your mission, your guests should know how much you want to raise. If the amount is 100,000, it may motivate some of your supporters to write lager checks to help you reach your goal.  If it’s an annual goal that you have time to donate to, let people know so they can come back and give another donation. In addition to choosing your target amount, make sure guests know that amount is tax deductible. People love tax deductible donations. It can be listed as a small reward for their big donation. The target amount can also help you get referrals. Your guests may not be able to write big checks but they may have friends and family members who can. Referrals can be an asset at reaching your goal.

Choose fancy decorations, entertainment and food – In order to have a successful charity event, great decor and food are needed, as well as the best in music and visuals. Choose decorations that look fancy or high end. Choose music that will attract those who have money to donate, either a live band or someone with the DJ training to work a sophisticated crowd. You want people to talk about your party for all the right reasons. Look for food items that are a delicacy but affordable for the party. You want the look without spending too much money. Try to find discounts, cut deals and get referrals who will give you a discount for being a part of a cause or non-profit. This is how you get the high end look without destroying your budget.

When planning a fundraising party, consider these three tips so you can have a perfect event. This way you can be the talk of the town and support a great cause, as well as being a testament to the value of your event management school.

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