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3 Tips for an A+ Audio School Experience

18 JUL 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Working with audio is a craft that takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to master. Some people love creating audio content so much that they would never be happy doing anything else for a living. These people have no choice but to do whatever they can to get into the audio field. One of the most important things that these people can do to secure a fulfilling and rewarding job in their beloved entertainment field is to attend audio school. There are many fine audio engineering schools. However, it is less important to choose the perfect audio school than it is to get the most out of the experience. Students get out what they put into their school experiences. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips that can make it easier to get an A+ experience.

Tip #1 – Play Everywhere
Get a start on your career before you graduate from school. You don’t want to get out on your own and have to start from scratch at the same time that you need to start earning money for rent. Use your school days to grab a foothold in the competitive entertainment industry. The best way to get this foothold is by playing music for as many people as you can. It’s great to get paid, but most artists have to do a few jobs for free before they build up the value to receive payment for their work. There are bars and restaurants everywhere. Very few of them would turn down an offer of live music. Go out and make your own way. Tell them you’ll play a few songs and see if it leads to more. When another establishment sees that you have a regular gig, they may offer to pay you to do the same at their place. This is how you get started.

Tip #2 – Record
Recording your music opens up so many doors. If a manager likes your show, he’ll probably ask for a compact disc of your stuff. You need something ready in case this happens. You can also give your CDs to the local radio stations. Many college radio channels play music from unsigned artists, and an audio school might even have their own radio station. If your music has some appeal, they are likely to put it on the air. You will learn a great deal by laying down a track on your own.

Tip #3 – Video
Making a video is a fun way to get your music into the world. There are tons of people who are addicted to looking at every video they can find on YouTube. This is an easy way to get fans. Videos get way more traffic on the internet than most other websites. Do something funny and you could go wild.

Students who take initiative while attending audio engineering schools are much more successful than those who don’t. Don’t wait for audio school to end. Get out there and have fun.

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