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3 Things to Study Before Becoming an Automotive Technician

25 OCT 2013
Career Path : Automotive

For many people, the decision to become an automotive technician is one that is made at a fairly young age. Some people just love being around cars, looking at them, working on them, and talking about them. If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance you are considering one of the many automotive careers available. Before you can become an auto technician, there are some areas in which you will need a strong background knowledge. You may not enjoy them all, but these three areas of study will help you tremendously in your future career in the automotive industry.


  • Not everyone’s favorite subject, but math is seen everywhere you look in a mechanic shop. Many mechanically inclined people also have a natural talent for math, but if you are not one of them, do not worry. Just try to think of your math studies in the sense of the practical applications they will have in your future career. In body work, for example, math goes into every element of repair. There is a reason that experienced body work techs are able to match things up so seamlessly. Working on engines and other car systems also requires math skills, for everything from the size of the wrench you need to the way each piece fits and works together to form a whole.


  • At first glance, science may not seem to have much to do with working on cars. In some ways, this is true, as biology will not be of much help when you are trying to assemble an engine block. However, some areas of science do apply. Chemistry is important for understanding how all of the fluids work, but physics is most important of all. The laws of physics govern how all things move and function, which applies to many areas of automotive technician work. A strong knowledge of physics will help you go beyond just understanding how car systems are built, and learn exactly why they work the way they do. This will be a great aid in diagnosing and repairing problems effectively.


  • These days, all automotive careers have a strong focus on technology. On top of that, the technology used is growing and evolving almost by the day. You will find technology everywhere from shop equipment to the guts of an automobile. By learning technology, you’ll have a leg up on using the most advanced diagnostic equipment, and learning how the computer systems inside modern cars function. This background will also help you as time goes on, since you will need to continue to study the latest technology in order to keep pace with the field. All of this will make you a better automotive technician.

With a background in mathematics, science, and technology, you will be in a strong position to continue your education and begin your choice of automotive careers. Whether you enjoy these subjects or not, just remember that by studying them you are always working toward your ultimate goal.

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