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3 Steps to Get a Crowd Dancing

18 SEP 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Every DJ, at one point or another, faces a crowd that just won’t get up and dance no matter what song you play, or what tactics you use. For long-time veterans and new professionals just finishing DJ school or audio courses alike, a subdued crowd can be a frustrating sight. The first temptation will be to blame yourself. Though it may be a frustrating thing, it is also not your fault – some crowds are just hard to get moving. When faced with a crowd that seems stuck to the walls, the best thing you can do is keep your head up, and resort to some tried and true techniques for getting the crowd excited, like the three classic examples that follow.

Break Out Your “Secret Weapons”

  • Every DJ knows a few tunes that, nearly without fail, will get people dancing. These songs don’t have to be considered cool, trendy, or new to be effective. In fact, sometimes the most popular dancing songs are the classics. You know the songs, the ones that, even if they are completely cheesy, people just can’t seem to resist dancing to. It’s important to note that these don’t have to be songs that you like. In reality, many times they won’t be, but they do serve an important purpose. Once you get the crowd on the dance floor with a classic cheesy tune or the latest top 40 hit, it will be much easier to keep them there when you start playing the songs that you truly enjoy.

Consider the Environment

  • Yes, it will always be tempting to use the track list that you have spent countless hours perfecting, but not all crowds are created equal. Take a look at the crowd, and be sure to note which songs and genres get people dancing, even if it’s only a few. It also helps to take a quick scan of the demographics, as an older crowd may respond very differently to classic dance hits than a young, trendy crowd. Once you have your finger on the pulse of the crowd, it will be far easier to pick more songs that will have them dancing. Although many a DJ loathes the thought, taking a request is another way to find a song that suits the environment.

Start Dancing Yourself

  • Might you look silly for a minute? Sure. Might it feel a little uncomfortable to be the only person in the house dancing? You bet. Still, dancing yourself is a great way to break the ice with a subdued crowd. Seeing that you don’t take yourself too seriously will often show the crowd that they have nothing to fear by stepping on the dance floor.

As you move through audio courses or DJ School, then gain experience on the job, you will surely develop some effective tactics of your own. Just remember, if the crowd sees that you are having fun, they’ll be more likely to loosen up and have some fun themselves.

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