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3 Social Media Tools that Have Forever Revolutionized Web Design School

14 AUG 2012
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Web design courses of today have very little to do with those of ten years ago. The field has been forever transformed by such social media sites as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a quick look at how.


Pinterest: changing the way web design schools teach students to structure content?


Pinterest, a website that allows user to share images and other media content, launched, by invitation only, to a very small group of users in 2010. By 2011, Time magazine had declared it one of the 50 best websites of the year.


Impact on web design courses


The main way this new social media tool may affect how design is taught in computer schools has to do with structure.


Think of how structure might usually be taught in web design courses.


Students, could, for example, learn how to structure the content of a website into a hierarchy, using a menu, with sub-menus embedded within. They may also be taught the technique of reverse chronology, a rather imposing name for what is really quite a simple concept: listing most recent posts first, as in Facebook or Twitter. But Pinterest is different. And computer schools may need to adapt if they are to prepare the graduates of their web design courses for the working world.


In Pinterest, content consists of “pins,” photos, etc., that users add to their “board.” Pins are presented side by side, rather than embedded within one another. When one looks at a Pinterest page, one is presented with a series of images laid out like a pack of cards in a game of Memory. The unifying factor is the theme, but the visitor is free to scroll and prioritize images as he or see sees fit. The site is said to have popularized this kind of “all cards on the table,” vertical-row layout. Future graduates of web design school must be prepared to serve customers who want their site to be built in this “building block” style.


Facebook, Twitter, etc. – Where to put those all-important social media icons


Design students in computer schools have to learn how to do something that their predecessors a decade ago didn’t: they have to know the best way to integrate a whole slew of social media icons into the web pages that they design.


In fact, a client’s website may no longer be their most important presence on the web. Increasingly, it is their social media pages that matter most to their business strategy. Some graduates of web design school may go on to specialize in social media, managing social media communities for clients. But regardless of the direction they take after finishing web design courses, graduates will need to understand the theory and techniques for social media icon placement.


They need to attract users to social media content, but not at the expense of more traditional web content. Increasingly, these are skills that must be taught in web design courses.


The way design is taught in computer skills has changed so much in recent history, that one wonders what the future will bring!



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