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3 Rules For Music Videos

22 NOV 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

The combination of video and audio is what elevates many modern music bands into the mainstream, with millions of views every day. A great music video is what draws viewers in and keeps them coming back. To create memorable videos that people will be talking about, here are 3 rules that will guide you to good production:

Record your music at the best quality you can afford- Music videos need quality audio, this part is essential. After all, that is what drives them. Of course, studio time costs money, however audio engineering schools can help you in this area. They often have deals where you can get discounts. You can also look for students who would be willing to volunteer some time to assist you in recording music. Remember, if the sound quality on a music video isn’t good or up to decent standards, it will turn viewers off, no matter how entertaining the video that goes with it. Plus, going to professionals will aid you in any concerns you may have. They know the dynamics of a studio and can help out with sound editing. They may also even be able to recommend a good videographer or visual artist to help with the film part of your project.

Make best use of your resources and talents- Again, this is where schools help. Audio engineering schools typically have film production programs. They are where you can learn all the different aspects of video production. You can learn about design, technology, film and video production, and more and this is where you can get creative. When you understand the different components of what goes into making music videos, you can use your artistic license to utilize ideas and make things come to life. It brings creative, passionate individuals together to make something memorable. You can get help from students as well. Many would be willing to lend their skills to lending material and editing a music video. Film productions programs will give you the tools and knowledge you need to create the videos you want.

Promote your music video where you can- Show it to friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who might be interested. You might need to spend some money on promotion, but technology can do wonders. Putting a video on the Internet can save time and money. Other social media sites can be useful for getting the video to the public. If you can, embed it onto popular websites for better exposure. Local colleges may be able to contribute to this area as well. Audio engineering schools can showcase your video to students and people interested in learning about producing music videos, and a budding musician might find synergy in. See what options are out there, get creative, and showcase your music video for all to see.

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