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3 Priceless Things about Studying Film in Toronto

21 OCT 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

The average cost of film school in Canada’s largest city is $5,000 per year. Comparatively, the average cost of an American film school program for an out-of-state student is the $16,700 a year. Of course, cost isn’t the only reason to look into film school in Toronto. The three greatest things about studying film here have nothing to do with cost:

Reason #1: Canadian programs offer a stable learning environment. One out of every five people in Toronto have either immigrated to the city from another country or have temporarily transplanted to the area in order to complete their education.

The benefit for you as a film student is that the administrators within your chosen program are very experienced in making your transition to Canadian life as smooth as possible. You’ll be guided through the process of applying for a student visa, work visa (if applicable), and ESL proficiency test. The process is fast and the programs are cutting-edge and competitive. Students have no problem getting their credentials recognized across the movie, music, and television industries.

Reason #2: Depth of talent. The top two reasons students recommend film schools in Canada are:

1.       The comprehensive base of study received

2.       The fraternity of the student body is like nowhere else

At film school in Toronto, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to make movies properly and begin to make connections in the industry before you leave school.

The students you enter the program with become some of your greatest resources and allies throughout the educational process and beyond. It’s not uncommon for alumni from film school in Toronto to find success together. You could join the ranks of: Donald Sutherland, Lorne Michaels, and David Cronenberg; to name a few. All in all, very good company to be counted amongst.

Reason #3: A degree from film schools in Canada is a recognized and welcome Launchpad into a career in film. Local events like the Toronto international film Festival (TIFF) offer first-hand exposure to what a career in film actually entails. This festival has gained respect and notoriety within the industry for the wide breadth of avant-garde, independent, and award-winning work it brings attention to. Not only does it provide a vibrant learning experience while in school, upon graduation, many students use the festival as a springboard into the industry, making it popular with students from film schools in Canada all over the country and even the US. Why not put yourself up close?

As you can see, the benefits of attending film school in Toronto go far beyond cost alone. All tolled it is a welcoming, accredited environment that fosters a well-rounded education in this expressive art form. Students who come here know that they are gaining solid footing on valuable steppingstones that will lead them into a career in a dynamic industry.

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