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3 Offbeat Auto Careers

26 SEP 2013
Career Path : Automotive

If you are an automotive service technician, or plan to train to become one, there are a wide variety of specialized auto careers that you may want to consider. By specializing in a specific area, you give yourself an opportunity to acquire a unique set of skills that will have you in demand from employers looking for help in offbeat areas of auto service. Even within certain disciplines that you may consider comprehensive, there can be specializations. For example, many people choose to work on one specific type of engine, such as high performance or diesel. Here are three of the more “off the beaten path” options you can consider for your auto service career.

Windshield and Glass Repair

  • As you have probably experienced in your own car, a stray pebble or falling tree limb can cause considerable damage in the blink of an eye. When a windshield gets cracked, nicked, or broken, it is important to have it repaired quickly and effectively. Auto glass specialists work exclusively on fixing windshields with minor damage, and replacing windshields which have been completely compromised. Due to the frequency of windshield issues, both large and small, auto glass specialists are always in demand, and perform a valuable service for consumers.

Auto Paint and Body Work

  • Another set of positions that are always in demand thanks to the inherent danger of car damage and accidents while driving, paint and body specialists can take a beat up car and make it look like new. This section could actually be broken into two, as some people choose to work on either paint or body. On the other hand, both are complimentary with a general career as an automotive service technician. Whether you choose one or both, you’ll be sure to have steady work. As an added bonus, you’ll get to see the benefits of your work firsthand. There is a certain fulfillment that comes from turning a wrecked ride back into a beautiful machine.

Performance Tuning and Suspension

  • This is a position for the true gear-heads. If you love to work on high-end, high-speed cars and tune them up for absolutely optimal performance, this is just the specialty you are looking for. Unlike the other two examples, there is not as high a demand for performance tuners due to the nature of the position. Not everybody needs their car to run with the maximum possible speed and handling. Still, if tuning cars is what you love, there is no substitute for this specialization, and as long as you do a good job, you’ll be able to find plenty of work.

For automotive technicians, the list of auto careers is nearly endless. If these examples don’t suit you, you can surely do a little research and find a specialization that does.

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