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3 Mistakes Not To Make on the Path to Becoming a Mechanic

21 NOV 2013
Career Path : Automotive

In a typical day, how many cars do you see? The answer is probably more than you can actually count. The modern world relies heavily on cars for transportation with thousands of cars being purchased daily. Since cars do not always run perfectly and can deteriorate, they all need a tune up or overhaul at one point. There is a huge market for skilled people like yourself to get these cars back on the road. It can be a truly fulfilling career path but in order to succeed, you will need to avoid these three mistakes.

  1. Having no interest

The first mistake you will need to avoid is to not have any interest in cars or other motor vehicles. It may seem like common sense if you want to work on automobiles, but there are a shockingly high amount of people who are stuck in the career without enjoying what they do for a living. There will be some long days working as a mechanic and if you do not have any interest in the cars you work on, then each day will become harder and harder. It will not take very long until you get burnt out of your job.

  1. 2.          Faking it

 A car is an incredibly complex machine with numerous amounts of parts that need to run in harmony for the car to drive. Even if you plan on memorizing every fix to each individual car while at mechanic school, there is bound to be a situation where you just simply cannot solve the issue while working. There is no shame in asking another mechanic for assistance or going into more detailed research to troubleshoot. The only time it becomes embarrassing is when you accidentally cause even more damage to a person’s car because you tried to fix it without any idea of how to do so. It is never a pleasant conversation when you have to explain to an owner why their car is in even worse condition than when it arrived.

  1. 3.          Trying to open your own shop immediately

While it is a common dream for many future mechanics to open their own shops, it is imperative to bide your time first. There are too many people who come straight out of mechanic school and try to run their own business right away. Your best bet to become a mechanic is to work hard in school and get your first job in the industry at a successful company. This offers you invaluable experience working in the field firsthand and helps establish a strong network with others. Once you have some work experience under your belt, you can contemplate whether you still want to own your own shop.

By avoiding these three mistakes, you will be on your way towards establishing yourself as a respected mechanic. Working on vehicles offers an incredible work experience that no other industry can match. Don’t spoil it!

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